Video: How To Catalyze Results with Deep Learning for Enterprise

December 12 2017


Wondering how your enterprise can rapidly get deep learning off the ground, see results and meet critical security requirements in one go? Our client Scotiabank might be of assistance. Their Senior Manager of Model Innovation Nima recently ventured to Vegas to tell the full story of how we worked with their team at AWS' 2017 re:Invent conference.

Scotiabank is already one of the world's strongest performing banks, and by adding deep learning to their enterprise, has rapidly amped up their ability to understand their customers, boost savings and freed valuable time in their employees' calendars. 

Curious to take a closer look? Find a video of the full presentation on YouTube: AWS re:Invent 2017: Optimizing Payments Collections. And once you're ready to start your own journey towards deep learning, get in touch with us by email at're excited to meet you!